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the-travel-executives-first-class-flightsThe Travel Executives is an independent agency launched by industry stalwarts who understand the premium luxury travel segment better than most.

Whilst we recognize that First and Business class travel is a high ticket item we feel that those demanding a higher standard travel experience and those who demand better value for money are usually one and the same.
This is often the case with frequent premium travellers who are savvy enough to not accept the first price they are presented with by their traditional travel agent or major airline, but also with occasional First and Business class travellers who are looking to make savings.

What differentiates The Travel Executives from other premium travel services is that we focus on what we know. We do not offer a whole raft of services to dazzle our customers with a one stop shop mentality.

We target sophisticated travellers who know what they are doing and know what they want. We do not solicit our customers with car transfers, luxury hotels or cheap travel insurance, we leave that to the lesser travel companies whose commission structures are not aligned with the customers best interests.
Additionally, our small team of agents are constantly on hand to assist and help customers with the booking at hand as well as any other queries they may have, and we will always be honest and upfront about what we are able and unable to do.

We do not offer a 24 hour telephone line service, but our agents are spread across US and European time zones so we can boast long office hours. However we do have an emergency out of hours email service where we aim to answer in a very short space of time.

The Travel Executives is proud of its expertise in the following areas:

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Business Class Flights

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